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The transportation industry including USA Trucking Company pays fees and other charges for the use of state and federal highways. With commercial trucks constituting about 12.5percent of all licensed vehicles, the trucking industry pays about 37.4billion on charges for the use of the highways. In the United State, truck accident is less likely when compared with regular motor vehicle with more than 75 percent of truck accidents resulting from challenges of passenger vehicles. Less than 16 percent truck accidents resulting from truck or truck driver’s fault.  The industry accounts for 12.8 percent of all fuel purchased in the United State as compared with general automobiles, light vehicles and passenger vehicles that accounted for 63 percent of the fuel purchased. It is estimated that an average of 192,000 trucks and 280,000 trailers are sold annually in the United State.

In the United State, five of the leading trucking companies are demanding that the federal regulatory authority will come up with regulations that will require that interstate trucking companies install electronic on-board recorders on all their trucks to verify legal duty status of their drivers. Five of the giants in the trucking industry that have supported the idea include Schneider National, U. S. Xpress, J.B. Hunt Transportation Services, Knight Transportation, and Maverick USA. Most of the major players in the trucking industry are concerned about safety. They are willing to go to any length at ensuring that the trucking industry does not constitute danger to the environment or the people in the society. For USA Trucking Company safety remains the watchword and they are willing to embrace any legislation that supports the safety agenda.

According to them electronic on-board recorders will improve safety on the highways by applying technology to the process of documenting driver’s compliance to the hours of service rules. According to the federal laws, truck drivers are allowed to work for 10hours of service. The legislation would allow the installation of an electronic device that would identify the truck drivers, record the driving status, and could monitor the location and movement of vehicles. The current practice of the use of log books is rife with fraud while the use of electronic on-board recorder will improve working conditions of commercial drivers and promote safety on the highway.

The USA trucking company operate in an environment that is fast-paced and is increasingly becoming complex, hence, the need to reassure stakeholders that truck drivers are well trained, drug and alcohol free and sufficiently rested.

USA Trucking Company has been providing transport services within all states in the USA and even outside. They also specialize in the movement of goods to other countries and other continents. The goods are transported in a secured manner to guarantee a safe delivery to clients. They provide different range of services to meet the demands of client, which could be in terms of the size of the shipment or the type of service required. They also provide support in helping you chose what service is best for the goods you intend to transport.

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